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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Which NT book?

by HK Flynn

My undying esteem to my fellow bloggers who allowed me time off when I felt overwhelmed with life's responsibilities!...

This UAG blog is a wonderful project that I'm excited (despite my long lapse) and honored to be a part of. So while I expect to be less frequent in my blogging, I look forward to reading any comments you 'guys' may have...


Of all the New Testament books, I think I'm most looking forward to seeing how Galatians is treated in the Free Grace NT Commentary that is coming out later this year, if all stays on track. It will be very powerful to be able to have immediate access to a free grace interpretation for each NT book, not just problem passages but each passage of the NT in its immidiate context. The thought of the commentary being available to the wider evangelical world is somewhat mind-boggling. Someday, this GES project might be understood as a sort of turning point when its arguments started getting traction.

Question: What book of the NT would you most like to see interpreted from a free grace perspective?


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