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Friday, July 11, 2008

A Great Comment on Heretic Hunting

by Rose

Someone emailed me a long comment that a blogger named Michelle (who goes by the ID "sanctification") made. She said this on a blog that is really centered on labeling those who differ on doctrine as "heretics." (I won't go to that blog's link anymore). The blog leader continually quotes passages on how to deal with heretics, so she said this in response:

May I ask by what process you applied these scriptures to those groups? Where are any passages teaching anything specifically about how much the gospel must contain, and if not satisfied then apply the mark and avoid consequence? We're not so blessed, right? What you have are passages depicting the gospel. Then there are passages warning change of the gospel. And then you have passages that teach how to handle individuals who promote heresy or distraction. So... don't you have to make a conclusion first that these groups are heresy... before using passages on heresy? Heresy passages are not proof of heresy.


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