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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lou Martuneac (AKA Mr. Fly Guy) is threatening me :)

by the Sock Puppet

In an email entitled "Fair Warning" Lou Martuneac (aka Mr. Fly Guy) tonight wrote me this email. I do not solicit his emails and do not desire them. I reserve the right to post every one he sends me from this day forward. To this email I have this response: "Is this Lou guy for real?"


In regard to your Sock Puppet play as fg me- you did it, tried to cover it up and are living a lie about it.

I'll let the Scriptures do their convicting work. "If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me," (Ps. 66:18). As long as you keep up this lie your prayers are hindered.

Furthermore, and I know you have seen this, anytime I reference you at any blog I am going to reference you this way? "Antonio da Rosa (aka Sock Puppet: fg me)." And with a link to my Sock Puppet article.

I am always quick to forgive and have long since forgiven you for posing as fg me. You have, however, continued to behave in a childish, sinful way by evading your bad behavior.

Once you do the mature thing by acknowledging what you did and apologize without excuse or qualification I will cease tagging your name and linking to your Sock Puppet: fg me. This is going to follow you just like your plagiarism episode did last year.


PS: This is how Rachel charged you at the end of your charade.

Even when we asked if FG Me was you and gave you the chance to come clean, you dodged and avoided the question, using vague terms that gave the appearance of denial that you were FG Me, but didn't really answer the question. Then when Lou asked you directly, you played the coward and ran away.

I challenge you to post the truth about what happened here. Admit to being FG Me and admit to trying to hide that fact. Acknowledge your deception and apologize for it, no excuses. Stop acting childish and do the mature thing - own up to what you've done. This is the only right thing to do.

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